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Full service - rental & guest management.


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Basic services - keep your property in order.


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What to expect from us - communication!

Communication is the key- by handling matters quickly and keeping owners informed you will receive monthly or bi-monthly emails regarding any updates. Even if sometimes no news is good news - we still report the news!
Our Services
  • Monitor Home - during periods when property is not occupied.  Sunset will inspect property once per week and open windows to keep home fresh, flush the toilets, show activity, pick-up mail and report any required maintenance.
  • General care or minor repairs - fix simple problems that may occur or assist in arranging appropriate skilled trades people.
  • Renovations and Major Repairs - If owners requests or arranges for a renovation or major repair, Sunset will oversee the work, arrange payments for building supplies and make payments to workers and service providers.  Upon receipt of a $500.00 USD non-refundable deposit, we will find appropriate service providers, obtain three (3) written quotes and submit them to owner prior to the commencement of any work.  Sunset will add a 15% fee to the quoted cost from the service provider for this service.   Owner will choose which service provider to use and approve project before any work is done.
  • Manage bill payments - Sunset will organize and make payments for maid, gardener, pool maintenance, general repairs or make payments on owner's behalf of utilities, and other monthly bills.
    • Electric/Water/Gas/Phone/Cable
    • Cleaning Supplies and other household supplies
    • Minor Repairs/Materials
  • Reporting and Monthly Statements - An account can be created from which withdrawals are made to make payments.  We email monthly a detailed accounting of all deductions and credits to owner’s account. Monthly Inventory list of supplies used for maintenance, cleaning or repairs.  All supplies and costs are in addition to monthly billing.

  • Rental Management - Sunset will assist with rentals arranged by owner or other rental companies for a fee of 10% of the gross rental revenue.  We will arrange the following additional services if needed for rental of Property:
    • Visit property to confirm readiness of property
    • Manage keys for rental guests
    • Inspect property for damage after rental guests’ departure and before security deposit is returned

  • Sunset Rentals & Guest Management Services - If owner approves a renter found by Sunset, we will retain a 20% fee of the gross rental revenue as commission for obtaining the reservation.  In addition to the rental management tasks (included in this price), we will collect and deposit all funds into the owner's account.

  • Meet & Greet - Make your guests comfortable by having us meet up with them at property site.  We can help them with general do's and don'ts while in Mexico and of course where to get the best Tacos!

  • Welcome Package - Arrange for pick up of minor groceries so that when you arrive to Mexico, the essentials are already there!  (Who doesn't like a cold Cerveza or a fresh glass of purified water to get you started?)


We offer special rates for owners of multiple properties and we are happy to customize a plan for your specific needs.